How It Works

Download mySelfieTime app to your smart phone via App Store or Google Play whichever is applicable.

Sign-up following the prompts.

Try checking in and out with a selfie photo to validate and check on location accuracy.

Please note that at this point all your selfie check-ins and outs shall be posted on our Demo Account Feed. If you are the Admin and would want to have an exclusive page for your company or for your personal use, kindly proceed to the following steps.

Go to to sign-up and register for a mySelfieTime Primary or Admin Account.

Arrange payment.

After payment settlement, you will then be assigned a Passcode Key which you will give to your assigned mySelfieTime app users. The Passcode Key enables your assigned app users to have their selfie check ins & outs validated and be counted in as attendance.

For your assigned mySelfieTime app users, after steps 1-4, which are the downloading and signing-up procedures, they are then required to enter the Passcode Key which you have assigned to them.

Once your assigned mySelfieTime app users download the app to their smart phones and have entered the Passcode Key, you can then view and monitor their Selfie Check-Ins and Outs on your Primary Account dashboard.